Lighting Control Trends and Industry Outlook for 2022

The pandemic has changed the way designers approach just about everything—and lighting design is no exception. In this episode produced in partnership with Leviton, we discuss the way designers need to consider lighting control specifications, the trends in controls we'll see in 2022, as well as what some of the crucial lighting and control needs are for commercial applications and the benefits they offer occupants.

Relight Promotes Sustainability and Cost Savings for Building Owners

It’s no secret that commercial electricity rates have risen over the last few years. Most U.S. businesses have seen their electricity rates go up by as much as 11% over the last 12-18 months. Relight kits from Lithonia Lighting can help lower energy costs while achieving sustainability objectives.

How to Specify Lighting and Controls for Healthcare

Healthcare and senior living facilities can be challenging when it comes to lighting. Designers must make sure there is adequate light for a wide spectrum of people, from young CNAs to senior residents, all of whom have very different needs. Learn more about specifying lighting and controls for healthcare.

i+s eHandbook Bookshelf

The i+s eBookshelf is a digital library of the latest guidelines for designing commercial buildings. These eHandbooks feature information from some of the industry’s most trusted sources and suppliers covering a range of topics and markets.