Biophilic Design


Above and Below

From Fungi to Flooring: An Inside Look at Mohawk's New Above and Below Collection

Watch this video to get a sneak peek behind Mohawk's latest biophilic carpet tile collection inspired by the humble mushroom.
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Outdoor meeting spaces are becoming more popular because of the many benefits they provide for occupants.

Are the Great Outdoors the Next Great Office Design?

The science behind the positive impacts of outdoor work and meeting spaces.
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The Novelis lobby is a biophilia showcase, with cork flooring, moss walls and an aluminum tree that nods to the company’s recycling services.

Biophilic Design Goes Beyond Plants

How does a metal recycling firm signal a commitment to sustainability? By creating a new office rooted in biophilic principles. Here’s how biophilia influences every facet of ...
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ASID Predicts the Year's Top 5 Sustainability Trends

As eco-consciousness becomes an ingrained lifestyle choice in more neighborhoods and communities, we examine what commercial designers should take away from these consumers.
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1 Hotel Nashville Lobby

The 1 Hotel Nashville is an Oasis in the Middle of Music City

Workshop/APD partnered with SH Hotels & Resorts to remind guests that Nashville is more than the flash and sparkle of its notorious entertainment scene.

Improve the Patient Experience with Armstrong Flooring HET Sheet

With growing evidence that bringing nature indoors helps reduce tension, minimize length of stay and lessen the need of medication for patients, these healthcare-inspired flooring...
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Biomimicry: Taking Cues from Nature to Create More Sustainable Products and Interiors

Beyond bringing in a few plants indoors, biomimicry looks to the ultimate teacher—nature—to create products that help build more sustainable, less impactful interiors. Here’s ...
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4 Tips to Create a WELL-Centric Workplace

As offices continue to reopen, designing spaces with employee health and wellbeing must be top of mind.

6 Biophilic Trends You Should Consider for Your Next Interior Project

Biophilic elements are at the forefront of commercial interior design. Interior landscape provider Ambius identifies six biophilic trends that are changing the way users work,...