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Product+Evolution: Chilewich

May 4, 2016

There are few designers, entrepreneurs, or brands that embody the concept of “evolution” as well or as naturally as Sandy Chilewich. Ever curious, creative, and innovative, Chilewich emerged from a successful venture in the humdrum world of women’s hosiery to become a veritable titan of the textile industry. Striking a balance between artistry and business has been an integral part of her journey.

“I am always on the thin line between my own aesthetic and what people actually need and want, but this is where I like to hover—creating products with the least amount of artistic compromise possible but just enough to appeal to a wide audience. This is sometimes painful but full of satisfaction and rewards,” she said.

Although Chilewich’s career may seem carefully calculated, her creative spirit and openness to new ideas have allowed her to grow the brand of her namesake organically, always seeking to preserve her design integrity in the process.

“Like everything to me in my career and my life lessons is that—at least in my case—you can’t think so much, and you have to really move in an intuitive way, especially if you are a designer, to see what interests you,” she explained.

What has captured Chilewich’s interest over the years is designing beautiful, durable, and accessible textiles that continue to inspire generations of designers. 

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