Return to Work: Design Strategies & Amenities for Today's Office Environments

This digital resource offers expert advice on design approaches and amenities that are reshaping the workplace.
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Building Better Schools

Download this digital resource to better understand the challenges and opportunities in designing and operating educational facilities for safety, sustainability, and performance...

The Beauty & Benefits of Biophilic Design in the Built Environment

Biophilic design is a hot trend in design, but what is it and how can building professionals incorporate these strategies for the benefits of occupants? This eHandbook offers ...
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Outdoor meeting spaces are becoming more popular because of the many benefits they provide for occupants.

Are the Great Outdoors the Next Great Office Design?

The science behind the positive impacts of outdoor work and meeting spaces.
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Getting to Net Zero: Carbon Solutions for Today’s Climate Challenges

It’s a well-known fact that buildings are responsible for emitting nearly 40% of all global greenhouse gas emissions, and now owners, architects, and designers have responded,...
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Health by Design: A Prescription for Creating Healthier Environments for Occupants

The trend toward healthy commercial buildings is nothing new. Nowhere is this more important than in healthcare environments, in which both medical professionals and patients ...
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Building Amenities That Attract and Retain Tenants

Bringing people back to the workplace has perhaps never been more challenging. Since people became accustomed to working from home and rethinking their careers entirely in some...
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Commercial Restroom Design Trends

Public restrooms in commercial buildings are undergoing a shift due to a number of societal, health-related, and technological factors. While touchless fixtures in restrooms are...

Creating More Sustainable and Resilient Buildings

Creating More Sustainable and Resilient Buildings We’ve been hearing about sustainable buildings in one form or another for decades—in fact, LEED, the groundbreaking certification...

A Comprehensive Guide to Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality has always been of vital importance, but never has it demanded more attention from architects, designers, building owners and facility managers than it does...

Tile Around the World: Beauty, Sustainability and Performance in the Built Environment

Tile is an ancient building material that has passed the test of time and is as durable and practical as it is beautiful. New technologies and designs have helped this humble ...

The Importance of Acoustics in the Built Environment

Historically, acoustics hasn’t been a high priority in buildings. But the fact is, windows, glass walls, marble floors, skylights, hard and reflective surfaces, and interior elements...