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IIDA Tells the Story of San Francisco’s Dogpatch Neighborhood Redevelopment

Find out how this project is set to rise from its industrial roots to a future of innovation and sustainability.
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Merging Art with Architecture for Climate Adaption

Get a firsthand look at CANOPY, a public art installation from Stantec's Jonathan Monfries that merges the concept of climate adaptation with placemaking architecture that meets...
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The design and layout of Sherwood is intentional, meant to be unwrapped layer by layer, starting with the camper's personal bunk, expanding to the unit's central firepit area where all 80 campers can come together, and eventually the great outdoors beyond.

ZGF Architects Helps Take Accessibility to a New Level at Portland's Camp Namanu

Expanding on its almost 100-year history of providing youth the space and confidence to explore their identities, ZGF designs new living quarters for the most critical of ages...
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Get a Grip on Inclusivity with the TOCCO Collection by pba

The hardware producer assembles a dream team to continue its commitment to sensory sensitive users (not to mention, the planet).
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Outdoor meeting spaces are becoming more popular because of the many benefits they provide for occupants.

Are the Great Outdoors the Next Great Office Design?

The science behind the positive impacts of outdoor work and meeting spaces.
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ICYMI: Tackle Carbon Neutrality with Product Specification

Overwhelmed by carbon neutrality? Specifying products with low embodied carbon can help your organization meet its carbon reduction goals. Learn more.
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Celebrating Earth Day 2023 with Armstrong Ceilings

We celebrated Earth Day with Armstrong Ceilings as we sat down with Anita Snader to talk sustainable design and manufacturing and their impact on the environment for our latest...
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Material Reuse in the Built Environment: Achieving Circularity in Commercial Construction

To commemorate Earth Week 2023, watch this video from CallisonRTKL about how reusing materials can help architects and designers create a closed-loop system for construction projects...
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ASID Predicts the Year's Top 5 Sustainability Trends

As eco-consciousness becomes an ingrained lifestyle choice in more neighborhoods and communities, we examine what commercial designers should take away from these consumers.