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The Durable Coated Fabrics Task Group’s Guide to Specifying Healthcare Materials

Here are the best questions to ask and what to prioritize in today’s post-pandemic world.
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Tone fabric used to upholster a chair.
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Touch Tone faux leather is available in 22 colors
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A close-up look at the Tesselations pattern.
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A collage of Ritual, the latest textile line by Momentum.
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Nova Textile

Nova textile

Nova from Keilhauer combines energetic, casual atmospheres with performance and an ease of cleanability.
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The Dance Floor upholstery pattern.

Dance Floor

Paired with cutting-edge spinning and weaving techniques, each yard of Carnegie's bleach-cleanable Dance Floor fabric is made entirely from 96 already-consumed PET bottles.
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Fall Favorite Things Collection

Fall Favorite Things Collection

With eyes on the future with the Favorite Things collection, the Brentano Design Studio looks to create a more environmentally friendly world that will remain sustainable and ...

Barbie Dream House 4th Place Draw

...went to Aimee Wilder and 3form! You guys just couldn't decide, as both Flek from 3form and Loveclouds from Aimee Wilder tied not once, but twice on our Barbie Dream House dream...
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This fabric is a mod upholstery option with funky color combos to take any office setting back to the days of the “Mad Men.”