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//3877 captured the unique movement and dynamism of the space through the owners' foundational pillars for their F&B vision.

Whimsical Refinement

The notion of “whimsical refinement” drove the design concept for first-time restaurateurs.
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Creating a Space for the Next Generation

What is the next generation expecting from the workplace? This new video from M Moser explores how to create spaces that will attract and retain younger generations to the office...
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FCA Reduces Fox Rothschild Seattle Footprint by 50%, Supports Hybrid Work 100%

The law firm’s new floor plan offers a glimpse into the future of legal office design.
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Are Intergenerational Communities the Future of Senior Living?

JSR Associates' Jane Rohde discusses an innovative model for senior living communities that brings at-risk youth into the picture for the benefit of multiple generations.
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Companies looking to bring people back into the office will need to create eudaimonic office spaces, which offer employees a place where they can get their work and personal lives in order to be their best selves.

How the Workplace Can Holistically Evolve to Support Employees

Addressing four key areas of the workplace can not only entice people back into the office, but also offer employees a space where they can become their best selves both personally...
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4 Best Practices to Advance Inclusive and Sustainable Design in Physical Spaces

Design professionals can accelerate the progression of inclusive design, water conservation and sustainability by expanding the function and accessibility in the products they...
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New Digital Solution Bridges Physical, Digital Workplace in the Metaverse

The Elevated Environments Workplace of the Future solution consists of an IoT building management application and customizable digital workplaces, two systems that introduce all...
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Ageless Living: A Conversation Around Design for Senior Living Typologies

Discover the trends and typologies that are informing the design of senior- and assisted-living facilities, as well as multigenerational spaces that are transforming the way we...