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Notre-Dame Cathedral Fire Silver Lining

April 16, 2019

The world watched in heartbreaking horror as the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris was on fire. Crowds stood together in the streets while coverage from cell phones and news stations flooded social media. However, one good item to note is the fire protection system in this iconic cathedral worked as it should and there was no loss of life.

Social media was flooded with continuous coverage of the fire that broke out at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris on April 15. People from countries around the globe expressed loss as we watched this iconic, historic cathedral light up in flames as Paris firefighters fought to save as much of the building as possible.

Crowds of people remained in the streets, on the bridges around the island, praying together, singing and waiting for word that this important place would survive, that the art and relics stored inside were safe. 

They awoke this morning to an ashy, smokey scene. However, the fire was out. No one died or was injured in the process. The building still stood firm in its place. Rebuilding was promised. Perhaps, symbolic for many during Holy Week.

CBSNews shared a peek from inside after the fire was extinguished:

Every commercial fire protection system, whether it’s installed in a 12th and 13th century Gothic cathedral or a new office tower, needs regular inspections, maintenance and testing to make sure it can keep your occupants safe.

Here’s how to keep your fire protection system primed and ready so you can be sure it will work in an emergency:

Ways Your Fire Protection System Could Fail You [BUILDINGS.com]

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