Storage Solutions

Courtesy of KitLock
KitLock KL10 Public Function

Codelock's KL10 KitLocks

These locks are good for public and private function with short-term shared storage capabilities.
Courtesy of Hollman Lockers
Mobile Smart Locker

Mobile Smart Locker

The Mobile Smart Locker from Hollman is designed for agile and flexible work environments where space is at a premium.
Image courtesy of Scale 1:1
Sidekick Collection Education I


Sidekick from Scale 1:1 is a collection of mobile work pedestals that helps to bridge the gap between hybrid, in-office and remote employees.
Lochlyn_National Office Furniture


Lochlyn offers flexible work, storage and space division solutions for commercial areas or home environments. It addresses open plan, accommodates private spaces, provides an ...
Radii Caddy_Allsteel

Radii Caddy

This user-centric storage solution addresses the need for workers to stow, rather than store, in a compact, space-efficient design that allows them to stay productive and connected...


Zoe is a Mid-Century Modern vanity that features metal accents and clever storage solutions. Inspired by the popular Josie vanity, the Zoe includes distinctive metal trim that...