PurOptima's Edge Bi-Fold Door

June 18, 2024
This single-glazed glass door with acoustic properties is ideal for office and meeting rooms.

PurOptima’s Edge Bi-Fold Door, designed for integration with the PurOptima Microflush door frames and the PurOptima 117 Plus system, features a single-glazed, hinged design. It supports door heights up to 102.36 in. and widths up to 47.24 in. Install in spaces unsuitable for swing or sliding doors, it comes in 12mm or 12.8mm Acoustic Laminate glass for up to Rw33dB soundproofing. Made with Hydro CIRCAL recycled aluminum, which has a carbon footprint of 1.9 kg CO2e/kg aluminum.

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Courtesy of PurOptima
PurOptima Edge Affinity Plus glass door installed for a conference room