Spacekit Art System

Sept. 17, 2022
Changeable art system allows design flexibility and supports sustainability objectives.

Spacekit changeable art system is a flexible solution that can help bring color and visual change to virtually any space. The system’s snap-and-go design provides a seasonal room refresh, a whole-home facelift with a gallery of beautiful designs or can be customized with a personal image.

Art remains one of the best ways to express personality within a space, and an opportunity to transform a room into an escape. Because Spacekit’s proprietary framing system is non-marking, art lovers don’t have to commit to the layout or the design itself. The unique art system is sustainably and economically designed to be shipped flat packed via standard delivery. Made of ACRE, a 100% tree-free wood alternative material comprised of upcycled rice hulls, makes the interchangeable system environmentally friendly.

Spacekit panel designs are laser-printed on panels precisely cut into two standard sizes: available in 9.8” or 19.7” square frames and in a variety of designs and color palettes. Self-leveling guides contained in the frames allow the ability to freely arrange the frames in any pattern. Precise printing and cutting along with a balanced hanging system means Spacekit art can be reimagined by removing and shifting panels in a variety of configurations.

Spacekit is the brainchild of ATOMIC, a team of event and entertainment industry designers that now also direct their experience, creative design and modular products into art for residential and commercial applications.