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Oct. 26, 2016

Thistles By Brett Design

“There are no wallpapers on the market that we have found to be as uplifting and novel as Brett Design’s wallpapers. The company prints on many grounds that are suitable for contract use. Their styles range from fanciful photos of flowers and feathers to beautiful ombrés. They emit residential-like warmth that is perfect for large-scale use. They also have a line of hand-painted watercolor images that are wonderful, as well as shagreens, skins, snake, crocodile, and ostrich patterns in a great range of colors. Brett Design offers clients the ability to customize any existing patterns by adjusting custom colors and scale as well.”

—Gregg Beldock, CEO, Bullrock Construction 

1. The Plumen 003 light bulb is an engineered lamp that features two lights in one. The downward spotlight serves to illuminate a task while the gold shade at the bulb’s center gives off an ambient light. The gold element within has a faceted surface pattern that creates a warm, luxurious glow.

2. The Héritage collection from ANNA by RabLabs is inspired by the glamour of the mid-20th century. The Héritage Tray is perfect for presenting the line’s Vanity Box and Lidded Small Vessel, along with perfumes, ring holders, and other dearly held objects. Héritage pieces are all made of gemstones edged in precious metals. The satisfying heft of the offerings evokes quality levels of forgotten times while the mid-century silhouette of the tray contrasts the organic shapes of the handles.

3. Arc-Com’s Atomic is an upholstery and wallcovering fabric pattern that is infused with brilliant color choices and simple geometry. Its  hexagonal framework is broken into complementary areas of color that create a dynamic sense of movement. The pattern can read as  contemporary, bright and funky, or as a handsome transitional option.

4. Unika Vaev’s Health and Hospitality collection includes more than 250 high-performance patterns for draperies, cubicle curtains, and bed linens. The line includes Crypton and vinyl upholsteries as well. The fabrics are engineered to withstand hospital and hospitality washing standards. The upholsteries provide permanent stain, odor, and  antimicrobial protection.

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