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No-Touch Door Handle Cuff

Mockett’s new Door Handle Cuff offers a hygienic approach to opening traditional interior doors to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.Simply rest your forearm into the cuff...

Floating Shelf Bracket

Suspend a shelf off a wall for a floating shelf look by using a sturdy bracket that provides support underneath and has a lip on top to counter weight for added stability.Available...


Mockett's King Kong® Large Oval Grommet is the only desk grommet large enough for all your cables to pass through your work desk or conference table. Available in 13 Finishes....

Versatile Power Grommet

Versatile Power Grommet by Mockett mounts anywhere and provides convenient power options within reach on the surface. Mounts into any type of furniture with your choice of power...

Knurled Knobs

Knurled Knobs from Mockett offer a retro feel for any vintage or contemporary industrial furniture. Music lovers will appreciate the intricate knurling on the knobs, reminiscent...

DP3 Tab Drawer Pulls

Mockett DP3 Tab Drawer Pulls are a timeless and distinctive classic that go well with all types of furniture and cabinetry. With a flush fit and low profile, they settle into ...

Leather Door Handles

Leather Door Handles from Mockett feature premium hand-stitched leather over beefy 1-inch diameter handles for a generous grip surface. Ideal for dressing up any large door. Inspired...

PCS94 Tabletop Power Monument

The PCS94 Tabletop Power Monument from Mockett is a freestanding power dock with weighted base and grip pad underneath that goes anywhere power access is needed. It has all the...

PCS86 Modul

The PCS86 is an edge-mount electrical module from Mockett with power and USB outlets. Its sleek, minimalist style blends seamlessly with any application, bringing power within...

Galaxy Caster

Add some fun and character to your furniture with the Galaxy Caster by Mockett. These hollow wheel casters have a distinctly smooth sloping vortex into the core with finely tuned...

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Levity task lamp

The Levity task lamp from Mockett combines flexible, directed lighting with the ability to be stowed away when not in use. A simple pull on the lid causes the lamp to rise automatically...