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LIGHTFAIR International 2017 Announces Forum Sessions

March 7, 2017

Relevant topics to include Internet of Things, Connectivity, and Lighting for Health.

The 2017 LIGHTFAIR International (LFI) Conference program has 75 courses including 12 forum sessions. Its two 2017 forums – IoT & Smart Lighting Forum and Light & Health Forum – reveal how lighting and technology are transforming the future of the industry. The forums each contain six sessions on Wednesday, May 10 during LIGHTFAIR 2017, which will take place at Philadelphia’s Pennsylvania Convention Center May 7 – 11 (Pre-Conference LIGHTFAIR Institute: May 7 – 8; Trade Show & Conference: May 9 – 11).

The IoT & Smart Lighting Forum returns for a second year covering the industry’s most advanced knowledge on controls, sensors, and connectivity. Topics cover connecting luminaires and control systems to the Internet, and by default to one another and potentially other building systems. This forum strives to address both the potential and challenges of IoT (Internet of Things) and whether Smart Lighting truly extends beyond using connectivity for energy efficiency and maintenance. Forum sessions are available as a package or à la carte.

This forum will begin with a breakfast presentation by the forum sponsor, ENLIGHTED, INC., and then a full day of sessions including:

  •     The Growing Threat of Turf Wars, and Why They Are a Barrier to the Development and Deployment of Connected Lighting
  •     Intelligent Building Lighting and the Impact of the Internet of Things (IoT)
  •     IoT Facility Design: Why IT, Engineers, and Operations Should Talk Before Concrete Is Poured
  •     Lighting & IT Collaboration, When Lighting Is Living on or Connected to the Corporate Intranet
  •     Cyber Security Hygiene for Lighting Systems
  •     Connected Lighting: The Future of Our Cities

Speakers represent a variety of companies including Frost & Sullivan, Cisco Systems, Philips Lighting, UL LLC, CABA (Continental Automated Buildings Association), IHS Markit, Synapse Wireless, Hubbell Lighting and PNNL.

The Light & Health Forum will help identify the current knowledge of the impact of light on biological health and overall well-being, as well as addressing current issues such as the potential for blue light as a hazard.

This forum presents examples of applications of what we know about light and health, particularly in the frontiers of the healthcare and independent living environments. Courses include:

  •     Light and Health: What We Know and Don’t Know in Applying the Research
  •     Circadian Light for Your Health: Light, Not Laughter is the Best Medicine
  •     Blue Light - Is There an Issue?
  •     Circadian Lighting in an Independent Living Facility
  •     Creating an Immersive 24-hour Lighting Environment for a Pediatric ICU
  •     Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and Swedish Ballard Behavioral Health Unit: Design and Implementation of Circadian Lighting Strategies

Speakers represent a variety of companies including U.S. Army Medical Department, Thomas Jefferson University, Lutron, ZGF Architects LLP, In Posse, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Lighting Research Center, U.S. General Services Administration, U.S. Department of State, Sacramento Municipal Utility District, Philips Lighting, Schuler Shook, University Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital, PNNL and National Research Council of Canada.

Click here for additional information about the LIGHTFAIR International 2017 IoT & Smart Lighting Forum and here for the Light & Health Forum.

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