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Fortune Favors the Bold

June 1, 2017

Fil Doux Textiles differentiates itself with Vinylife, a new product line with an introductory collection that features striking color and texture palettes.

With the same strength and durability as traditional vinyl, Vinylife from Fil Doux Textiles sets itself apart as a breathable and phthalate-free offering that exceeds 200,000-plus double rubs. Success for the product—launched in January—is already evident, with Vinylife included on almost every spec for Marriott, Fil Doux’s largest client.

With that, Vinylife’s performance does not mean aesthetics have to be sacrificed. Robert Pullen, the company’s vice president, spends his time out in the field getting feedback from end users, and Fil Doux continues to find inspiration in knowing it takes risks others may not. “We sort of took a leap of faith with the thought that everyone would appreciate the inspiration we would create with the color and texture palettes,” he said. “There is something in there for everyone—from a glitzy Vegas restaurant to a more subtle urban whiskey bar. It goes all the way around.”

Audrey Pincus, creative director at Fil Doux, added that the color scheme of Prestige, the first Vinylife collection, meets the goal of providing visuals “you could really get lost in. With each [selection], the colors speak so expressively, both when you look at and feel them. They are all an extension of what a particular color immediately brought to mind.”

According to the team, Leo Novik, Fil Doux’s CEO, motivates everyone at the company to be creative and inspires them to stand out in the textile crowd. “Leo always pushes me to bring more bold color into everything. It’s listening to all of these voices and finding that sweet spot,” Pincus said. “We’re also working with designers at the mill, which develops collections for different markets worldwide. I am a curator of all these different voices to meet the needs and tastes of the U.S. market.”

Photography courtesy of Fil Doux Textiles

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