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Milliken, Tarkett, DuChateau and Reward Flooring Use Products and Time for Charity

March 8, 2019

Four providers and manufacturers in the interior design industry – Milliken, Tarkett, DuChateau and Reward Flooring – carry out individual campaigns aimed to help a variety of charitable causes.

The month of February saw many acts of service from leaders and providers in the interior design industry. Tarkett and DuChateau, for example, initiated charitable campaigns at The International Surface Event (TISE) in Las Vegas – Tarkett held a walk during the event to raise funds for cancer research while DuChateau announced and launched its partnership with the National Forest Foundation. Whether it’s fountains from Fantini or dedicated days of volunteering, businesses are continually finding unique ways in which to use their products, time and money to give back to those in need. Explore below how four different companies who provide products for the interior design industry are helping causes that matter to them in this Feel Good Friday segment.  

Milliken Specialty Interiors Launches Partnership with The Gifted Company to Help Train and Employ Those Experiencing Homelessness

Milliken & Company’s Specialty Interiors recently announced its partnership with The Gifted Company, a North Carolina-based subsidiary of a non-profit organization. The Gifted Company is dedicated to training and employing individuals experiencing homelessness and poverty for work in the textile industry in commercial sewing roles.

Milliken is a global innovation company that offers textile, specialty chemical and floor covering manufacturing expertise. Through the relationship, Milliken Specialty Interiors will donate fabric remnants and overstock items to The Gifted Company for use in their products. From these remnants, The Gifted Company’s workers sew and produce apparel, accessories, home décor items and other goods, which are then sold online. Proceeds from the sale of these items are used to pay the salaries of workers and to support additional training initiatives, bringing new trainees into the system.

Based in the historical heart of America’s textile industry, this organization works to break the cycle of poverty, homeless and hopelessness by working directly with local homeless populations to provide much-needed job training, interviewing and business skills. Their efforts allow trainees to transition back into the workforce, to support themselves long-term and to regain confidence. 

 The effort also aligns with Milliken’s commitment to purposeful and intentional design. By working to eliminate waste and excess, they're able to support the circular economy through the reuse and upcycling of fabric samples that might otherwise have been sent to a landfill.

“We are so pleased to lend our support to an organization right in our own backyard that shares our commitment to social responsibility and protecting our environment,” said Milliken specialty Interiors vice president Jennifer K. Harmon. “More importantly, our partnership with The Gifted Company allows Milliken Specialty Interiors to work toward rebuilding lives and strengthening the American textile industry, one stitch and one person at a time.”

Tarkett Supports Light the Night Fundraiser to Raise Money for LLS

During the Tarkett Residential sales meeting, held during TISE trade show in Las Vegas, Tarkett created its own Light the Night team to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).

As part of a company-wide initiative to support important charities and those affected by life-changing illnesses, Tarkett employees attending the TISE/Surfaces trade show on January 22-25 participated in this event and have raised $11,765 in less than a month. The walk took place in Henderson, NV and lit the night to spread awareness of this illness.

“The night was filled with a celebration of friendship, hope, remembrance and support,” said Elizabeth Hurley, Tarkett’s vice president of residential sales. Learn about the many ways in which you can get involved with a Light the Night event here.

Duchateau launches DUGOOD in partnership with the National Forest Foundation

Duchateau, a provider of luxury architectural finishes from hardwood flooring to 3D wooden wall panels, recently launched DUGOOD, the brand’s new corporate sustainability program. Duchateau has partnered with the National Forest Foundation (NFF), and DUGOOD will directly contribute to NFF’s ambitious campaign to plant 5 million trees by 2023. The DUGOOD initiative will plantone tree for every Duchateau hardwood floor sold, with a portion of the trees being planted in areas directly impacted by California Wildfires.

“The beauty of DUGOOD is that it allows our retailers and their customers to be directly involved in reforestation,” said Patrick Bewley, vice president of marketing, in a press release. “Each hardwood floor they purchase means one more tree in our national forests.”

Following a historic wildfire season, the National Forest Foundation established the California Wildfire Reforestation Fund in December 2018 to generate support for critical tree-planting efforts throughout the state. In addition to replanting trees in our National Forests, DUGOOD’s partnership will support this fund as well. Consumers who purchase Duchateau flooring for their home or business will now be contributing to nationwide sustainability efforts that will help national forests thrive for generations.

Reward Flooring Donates GemCore to Support Women's Shelter

Reward Flooring recently donated 1,400 square feet of its durable GemCore Stone Composite Flooring for the facilities of San Francisco’s Asian Women’s Shelter. The shelter has been providing a safe refuge for survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking since 1988, and is committed to promoting the social, political and economic self-determination of women and all survivors of violence.

As an active and heavily trafficked location, the shelter chose GemCore’s Topaz Collection, which features a robust commercial wear layer. For additional information or to support this organization, visit www.sfaws.org.

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