Product Sources: Green Products

April 24, 2007

Green Design Furniture marries traditional artisan craftsmanship with inspired contemporary-classic, modern designs. Operating under the philosophy that being environmentally responsible is simply the right thing to do, the company believes in the power of innovative and thoughtful design to transform a well-crafted, environmentally friendly object from goodness to greatness. Constructed with sustainably harvested American cherry wood, Green Design Furniture's new Series 2 (S2) Collection explores a combination of function and artistry.

Encycle™, The Mohawk Group's revolutionary new modular carpet backing system, is a model of sustainable design. The patent-pending, PVC-free carpet tile is designed with three thermoplastic layers and zero-water based components—enabling complete recyclability back into itself without separation
DIRTT—'Doing It Right This Time'; refers to creating sustainable, successful workspaces by vastly improving the speed, precision, agility and custom abilities of modular interior construction. DIRTT's Agile Architectural Solutions are built on the philosophy of combining simplicity, selfexpression and sustainability— now and in the future.

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