Telehealth to the Metaverse: The Bold Future of Healthcare Design

For centuries, the hospital (or clinic) was the meeting place where patient and physician came together. Today, the expectation for where, how and when these two parties converge...

College Ready, Career Ready, Pandemic Ready? Opening a New High School in the Midst of COVID-19

Much like the workplace, educational facilities were required to adapt and switch to virtual learning scenarios during the coronavirus outbreak.How can schools and campuses be...
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Tips for Designing Agile Commercial Interior Spaces in a World of Fixed Assets

Today’s office environment requires more agility and adaptability than in any previous decade. The list of changes occurring are constantly evolving, but they all require being...

Future Proofing Our Buildings: Wellness

One of the most significant changes the pandemic has had on commercial buildings is a greater awareness of the impact that they have on occupants. Health and wellness were already...

Work Going Forward: Designing Spaces That Bring Us Together While Keeping Us Apart

Will the office of the future be a place strictly for employees to meet and collaborate, spending the rest of their time working from home? Will the footprint of the workplace...
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Future-Proofing Our Buildings: Life Safety & Security

Experts talk about strategies for creating more resilient and flexible buildings that can adapt to changes in the future, including spatial needs, changing technology, energy ...

Best Practices for Building Energy Management

This session is on the basics of realizing deep savings on building systems such as lighting, HVAC, building automation, and how standards may be changing in the future to meet...

Giving Elevators a Lift

When one considers a major building renovation, it’s easy to focus on spaces like corridors, lobbies, offices, guest or patient rooms—in other words, all the public-facing spaces...

How to Specify Kitchen and Bath Surfacing

The materials that go into the kitchen and bath environment are important: They often reflect current trends, occupants see the items a lot and they have to hold up to moisture...

How to Specify Furniture

As the fight against climate change continues, the importance of specifying environmentally friendly furniture has never been greater. But how can designers and specifiers determine...

Interconnected: Bringing Multiple Stakeholders Together to Improve Building Design & Operations

Project teams bring various stakeholders together for building projects, but never has it been more vital to have multiple stakeholders sit together than in light of the COVID...
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Transform Learning: Designing the Ideal Learning Environment

Today, schools are challenged to fill many important roles within the educational sphere. They must provide stimulating education and diverse curricula to promote critical thinking...

Reopening & Reimagining Educational Facilities Amid COVID-19

As a second wave of the pandemic hits the U.S., many school administrators are wondering whether their facilities are prepared to receive students full time or whether they should...

How to Specify Carpet

Flooring specifications can end up as a patchwork of information. Pulling from manufacturer’s websites and copy/pasting prior project specs to make sense for a current project...

How to Specify Textiles

Whether you specialize in healthcare design or are embarking on your first project, it is important to understand the unique demands that coated fabrics for seating will encounter...

Specifying Ceramic Tile for Your Next Project

Today’s market demands product performance, health, safety and sustainability. Throughout the ceramic tile industry, there are many solutions, depending on the type of information...

Molecules Matter

Presented By: Donald Strum, Deidre Hoguet, Linda Gabel, Todd Sims

Equity and Diversity in Leadership - Disruption in Action

Presented By: Lindsay Wilson, Jennifer Treter, Denise Rush, Kourtney Smith