New Self-healing Composite Material Boosts the Circular Economy

April 17, 2024
In this video, the Biomimicry Institute introduces a new self-repairing resin triggered by heat and winner of the Ray of Hope Accelerator prize.

Recycling and repairing items is time-consuming and expensive. But what if there were a new self-healing composite material that not only boosts the circular economyitems can actually repair themselves like humans and plants do?

In this video, the Bimimicry Institute share how the brilliant scientists at startup CompPair developed a special self-healable resin to produce composite materials that can repair themselves when triggered by heat. By extending the lifetime of products in this way, we can reduce waste and save energy. The Ray of Hope Accelerator (formerly Prize) supports nature-inspired solutions addressing the world's biggest environmental and sustainability challenges. Created in honor of Ray C. Anderson, founder of Interface, Inc. and a business and sustainability leader, the $100,000 Ray of Hope Prize (2020-2023) shone a light on the innovative, nature-inspired solutions that we need to build a sustainable and resilient world. CompPair was selected as a finalist for the 2023 Ray of Hope Prize. Starting in 2024, the Ray of Hope Accelerator, built upon 8 years of programming, continues to support and foster a vibrant global community of innovative startups inspired by nature.


Animation: Jules Bartl

Script and Narration: Charlotte Stoddart

Sound Design: Nigel Manington

Fact checker: Rachael Bale

Special thanks to the Ray C. Anderson Foundation