Take a Tour of New St. Mary's Medical Center by EwingCole

Nov. 15, 2023
Get an inside look at Essentia Health's new flagship hospital in Duluth, MN that redefines the continuum of care for patients.

Located on the bluffs above the western shore of Lake Superior, Essentia Health’s new flagship hospital will streamline medical services, invigorate downtown Duluth with engaging public amenities, and redefine the continuum of care for patients throughout the region. Designed by EwingCole, the lake-side hospital redefines what patients have come to expect from their healthcare providers and challenges contemporary healthcare design strategies with bold, innovative, and sustainable solutions. It consolidates Essentia Health’s facilities and improves efficiency throughout Essentia’s healthcare delivery model. Additionally, the new facility creates a nexus for downtown recreation and economic revitalization. Essentia Health and EwingCole's design team envisioned a hospital environment that is comfortable, welcoming, and efficient for patients, visitors, and staff. Public areas have the engaging warmth of hospitality spaces, with natural materials and themes of healing and nature. Its patient-centric design drives impactful patient outcomes by consolidating adaptable inpatient rooms, procedure rooms, OR platforms, and flexibly planned outpatient spaces.