Healthcare Facilities

How to Specify Lighting and Controls for Healthcare

Healthcare and senior living facilities can be challenging when it comes to lighting. Designers must make sure there is adequate light for a wide spectrum of people, from young CNAs to senior residents, all of whom have very different needs. Learn more about specifying lighting and controls for healthcare.

What Does Retail Have to Do With Healthcare Design?

In this episode of I Hear Design, Aran McCarthy, principal at Francis Cauffman Architects, talks about the future of healthcare design—specifically how we can reimagine retail spaces for healthcare to bring medical facilities closer to the communities which they serve. Find out how vacant retail stores and other commercial spaces can be effectively retrofitted to accommodate healthcare environments, and the benefits of taking this approach.

What Healthcare Designers Should Know About Outbreaks

What can hospitals do to prepare for current and future outbreaks of contagious disease? Jenny Han for Skender, joins i+s to explain how healthcare facilities can prepare to scale up operations, including a look at modular “pod” exam rooms for existing hospitals.