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Boost Employee Engagement with this Activity

Sept. 18, 2018

This common activity boosts employee engagement and reduces stress and anxiety for modern offices in less than fifteen minutes.

In 2000, Robert Blackwell Jr. sponsored the International Ping Pong Festival in Chicago and was fascinated by the number of people lined up to play table tennis. Inspired by how the game helps people disconnect from technology and connect with other people, he started Killerspin in 2001. The luxury table tennis company aims to create engaging experiences and develop strong relationships through play, an activity that is often missing in the traditional workspace but is now increasingly available in modern offices and reduces stress and anxiety.

Feel Good Vibes: Small Furniture, Big Impact

Employee Engagement and Fitness fights Stress and Anxiety

With a shift in focus on employee health and wellness, savvy business owners and HR managers are noticing the perks that table tennis can provide – it is a low-cost, fun and spontaneous way for employees to take a break, re-energize and build relationships with their coworkers. Killerspin’s new range of customizable UnPlugNPlay-as-a-Service packages are an ideal way to introduce table tennis into a company’s culture, big or small. At a cost of $49.99 per employee, Killerspin provides all the equipment needed to get started, including paddles, balls and tables. Bringing style and intensity to the table, see how this product breaks down.

Too good to be true? Boost employee engagement.

15 Minutes of play a day reaps benefits for both employers and employees, including improved productivity, employee engagement, reduced stress and anxiety, and creates healthier relationships

12 Number of professional, renowned table tennis players across the globe sponsored by Killerspin, known as The Killerspin Krew

1988 The first year table tennis was introduced to the Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea

$2,699 Starting price for Killerspin's one-of-a-kind luxury Revolution table series

4 High-quality paddle options: SVR and Collectible, Diamond, Kido and Jet

14 Number of countries where you can find Killerspin products today

5 Killerspin's own Ilija "Lupi" Lupuleski is a five-time Olympian

4 Tennis table series to choose from, including the Revolution, MyT Indoor, MyT Outdoor, and the SVR Wing Series

Fighting stress boosting employee engagement goes beyond ping-pong. See how smart design creates wellness.

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