Specifying the Right Electrical Product for Hotel Spaces

June 30, 2017

Whether you’re retrofitting an existing lobby, or building out brand new guest rooms, Legrand offers a range of solutions for any space.

Hotel guests are more connected to their mobile devices than ever before, and with everything from airline tickets to reservation confirmations moving online, the approach of providing them with spots to recharge has evolved from the mental perspective to the physical, by providing them with easy-to-access electrical outlets. We’ve highlighted just a few ways Legrand can help designers and hotel operators give their guests the very best without compromising the aesthetics of the property.

Hotel Rooms: When guests tuck in for the night, the last thing they want to do is get up to turn off a light or to be able to reach their phones, particularly now that a reported 70 percent of people go to bed with their cell phone in reach. Legrand’s simple cut-and-plug Furniture Power Center options from the adorne® Collection gives designers a simple answer without compromising their design. Standard electrical and USB outlets, light switches, and dimmers can easily be integrated into just about any headboard, giving users a solution within an arm’s length.

Bathrooms: Fumbling around an unknown space during the inevitable midnight bathroom run is never fun for anyone, especially in an unfamiliar room. Make the trip easier for guests by installing Outlet and Night Light Combinations  in the bathroom. The soft glow of the Night Light gives guests the ability to navigate the bathroom without compromising coveted counter space or blinding them in the same way overhead lights can.

Communal Spaces (Lobby, bars, and restaurants): Current hotel trends see more guests spending time in comfortable communal spaces rather than their room. These spots can be vital spaces for meetings, checking email, enjoying meals or just relaxing after a long day. Pop-Out™ outlets from the adorne Collection provide charging solutions which can be neatly tucked away when not in use, seamlessly blending into the décor rather than being an eyesore. With all of the thought and consideration given to creating a beautiful lobby, bar, or restaurant, the last thing any designer wants is to have ugly outlets breaking up the aesthetic. The adorne Collection offers stylish light switches, dimmers, outlets, and wall plates which can integrate into any design with a wide-array of finishes. By specifying the design that is right for the space, designers don’t have to compromise their aesthetic for function. And with durable and high-performance products, the adorne Collection gives even high-traffic areas a touch of luxury.

Outdoors: A fear for hotel owners is that their energy-seeking guests will pry open outdoor outlets not meant for general use during their search for a charge. Rather than bolt closed cases which can be cumbersome and unsafe, Legrand offers outdoor charging stations which can safely give users the outlets they want to charge up. Available in three models, these outdoor charging stations carry a NEMA 3R rating for use in all weather conditions, and comes in black, silver, bronze, or customizable finishes.


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