Power Your Furniture

Jan. 16, 2019

Power Grommets offer practical design solutions for convenient power access in all furniture

Power is shaping the way we work. We need access to power to charge our mobile devices in the office, at home, and on the go, which is creating a new landscape for design solutions. We are connected at all times now via our phones, tablets, and laptops which is blurring the lines of the traditional work space. You may find yourself working in hotels, airports, restaurants, and other unconventional work spaces and subsequently, you may find yourself searching for the nearest outlet to set up shop. When outlets are scarce or unavailable, businesses risk losing your business. Simple power grommets can change that in a snap without having to replace the furniture. Mockett has an extensive line of power and data grommets that are easy to install into all types of furniture with different mounting options.

Pop-Up Outlets
One of the most versatile types of Power Grommet is the pop-up grommet. This type of installation is ideal for furniture where you want to keep a sleek, streamlined look when the unit is not in use by having it closed and sitting nearly flush with the surface. Whether spring-loaded or operated manually by pulling up for access, these handy units pop up when power is needed and then press down when finished. You will love the way they complement your furniture.

Recessed Outlets
If you need a simple power solution that is available at all times, recessed power grommets drop into your furniture and remain fixed in position for easy access. This eliminates any guesswork about how to open or access the unit – they simply remain exposed in a static environment for a no-nonsense application. Don’t let their simplistic nature mislead you about their style though. Fitted with beautifully finished flanges and housings, these beauties are great for all types of furniture whether in a desktop or in the arm of a chair, anywhere! Practical design solutions for your practical power needs.

Edge Mount Outlets
You can’t always make cuts in your furniture. Maybe you have a dynamic working environment where tables are being moved frequently or you’re dealing with a temporary pop-up work space. In those instances, you can easily mount an edge-mount bracket to your desktop and enjoy the same convenience of on-desk power access without having to rummage under the desk for an outlet. Easy to install and remove, they can go anywhere without leaving the scars of a more permanent installation in your furniture.

Start thinking about what type of power grommets will work best in your furniture and try one out. You’ll start seeing the difference immediately in your performance and efficiency and your customer satisfaction in terms of experience will greatly improve. We take convenient power options for granted. You may not really notice until you don’t have an outlet at your disposal. And when do we not need power hookups to charge our mobile devices? Your work is important, and so is your ability to stay connected. Power Your Furniture with Mockett Power Grommets.

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