Krieger Delivers Innovation to Cal State Fullerton

Oct. 18, 2006

When Cal State Fullerton’s new performing arts center presented the need for custom-designed stage doors, Krieger Specialty Products was selected to mastermind the unique design. The center’s main concert hall stage was designed with a curved wall leading from the stage area into the backstage area. The unique architectural design was envisioned with doors that would blend into the façade of this curved wall. Among the many challenges with the design was the need to create a custom-made bracket and hinge arrangement that would allow the doors to first push out and then swing open. With this motion, the doors actually swing on a different plane than the wall. And, because there are no frames, the custom hinges are attached to the structural steel tubes that make up the wall. It takes talent and creativity to engineer a system that would support door leafs that weigh nearly 2,200 pounds and meet correctly in the center. Krieger’s experienced field-service employees worked with expert engineers and the construction crew to understand the complexity and tolerances allowed in the design and ensure proper installation and performance. The six hollow metal doors were finished with a plaster façade and blend beautifully with the existing exterior walls. Additionally, decorative cones were added on the inside of the doors to further the aesthetics. The brilliance behind the design can be solely accredited to Krieger’s longevity and expertise in the industry of custom-door manufacturing.

Cal State’s new performing arts center featured its first performance in January 2006. The 103,000-square-foot, 2-story facility includes an 800-seat concert hall; 250-seat thrust stage theater; 100-seat studio theater; three dance studios; a scene shop; design lab; warm-up, dressing, and storage rooms; costume and make-up labs; and a musical theater rehearsal studio. The completion of the center resulted in Cal State Fullerton having the largest musical theater program in the West.

Krieger Specialty Products offers not only custom-designed doors and windows for unique situations, but for performance and visual appeal as well. Offering acoustical, bullet resistant, blast and pressure, radio frequency shielding, thermal shielding and stainless steel doors and windows, Krieger products are tested and certified to the highest standards.

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