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March 21, 2007

In 2005, the University of Redlands, located in the City of Redlands, California, underwent several re-construction and expansion projects to its beautiful 140-acre campus. Among these projects was the expansion of an existing central plant facility. The goal was to reduce campus electricity costs by installing a new 1,500-kilowatt Caterpillar generator that is powered by natural gas. Since the generator had to be located directly on campus, the building housing the generator raised concerns about safety, aesthetics and environmental noise.

Custom acoustical doors and windows were needed, and Krieger's products fit the need perfectly. Capable of being custom engineered to fit all the standard and non-standard openings in the building, Krieger's doors and windows could be developed in under 16 weeks and had the necessary certified STC ratings to address the noise issue.

A pair of oversized doors measuring 158" high by 188" wide and rated STC 51 were installed to the generator room for direct and complete access to the Caterpillar system from the exterior of the building. One 3" thick, 86" high by 36" wide door and frame rated STC 55 was installed to the generator room for general access from the exterior. Four single 86" high by 36" wide doors and frames rated STC 45 were installed in the office and storage areas. Another 86" high by 100" wide pair of doors rated STC 50 were installed to the utility room in the back of the building. And a 37" high by 69" wide acoustical noise window rated STC 51 was installed in the office area to provide employees with a view of the generator.
Each door and window was custom finished as needed for each location in the building. And Krieger helped with the engineering and selection of appropriate hardware as well as installation support and guidance to ensure all products function properly.

For your next custom door and window project, give Krieger a call. With over 75 years of experience, Krieger's team offers you a true commitment to your project's success. Whether you need doors and windows for acoustical, bullet and blast resistance, or hybrid installations, Krieger products are fully tested and certified and come with a workmanship guarantee.

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