Custom LED Solutions: A ticker tape with the poise of a contemporary art piece.

May 1, 2009

When TPG Architecture (NYC) designed a multi-function room for their Manhattan client’s financial firm they had envisioned a ticker tape element which would appear as if folded into the corners and embedded into the surface of their island bar.  The desire for a product that was proven to have a long lifespan and would require little to no maintenance made the concept of using LED technology most appealing.  Trying to incorporate both functionality and finesse, TPG sought out Sunrise Systems, a custom manufacturer of LED displays, to take their design from imagination to fabrication.

To ensure proper fit, production was closely coordinated with on-site contractors, Lehr Construction Corporation (NYC).  The 1.75” thick stainless steel enclosure was formed with virtually no seams to create a trendy pendant feature above the bar.  Weighing approximately 5 lbs. per foot the L portion of the ticker is discreetly suspended from the ceiling by thinly threaded aircraft cable.     

A custom tailored software program allows the client to select which stocks they would like displayed in the feed as well as provide the option for dynamic programmable messages.  A three-tiered program, the Stock Builder application updates figures every 15 minutes, Image Key allows user to create bitmap images for the display, and Text Builder converts text into bitmap images.  A controller application matches stock quotes with the stock icons in the custom library and displays them accordingly.  Controlled by an actual PC, the sign can be remote accessed.

Product Description:

Character Height: 6”
Dimensions: 7” H x 1.75” D x 32’ L

One crucial ingredient in creating such a sleek LED display was the off-boarding of the sign’s bulky internal components, i.e. power supplies and data connection cables. Portal holes underneath the chassis allow data cables and power to exit the sign out of view.  This process cut the standard chassis depth of 3.5” in half. 

The three day installation was supervised by Sunrise Systems. Once installed, individual LEDs typically have an estimated lifespan of 100,000 hours. When boiled down to the fractions of time that each diode is actually lit, this figure comes out to around 50 years. So, when making sound economical choices in an unsound economy evaluate the cost vs. endurance of a quality LED display system and consider this: our products will probably outlast your company.

About Sunrise Systems, Inc.
Sunrise Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer of custom LED signage. Founded in 1976, Sunrise has been a lifelong producer of fascinating public art, first-in-the-industry technological advances and uniquely tailored information systems. Our LED displays are installed in countries all over the world and in industries across the map. Always searching for new and creative ways to get your message out; no project is ever too small. Our engineering team is dedicated to ensuring total customer satisfaction with every project.  Visit our website at www.sunrisesystems.com or email us at [email protected].

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