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Product Dressing Room: The Idea Factory

Jan. 29, 2016

Rick Tower of Marchon shows us how Meadows Office Interiors opens customers’ eyes to a world of possibilities.


In Rick Tower’s business, his options need to be crystal clear. And this senior director of operations for Marchon Eyewear Inc. says no one presents them better than Meadows Office Interiors.

The preferred Haworth dealer works with a myriad of suppliers to help customers like Tower create any variety of office space they might require. Meadows’ headquarters and showroom at 885 Third Avenue in New York City—redesigned by Daroff Design in collaboration with Meadows—removes the guesswork from his job with a wide range of workspaces and products that serve as both home to Meadows employees and great visualizers for potential customers.

But more than that it demands a level of sophistication from the visitor that empowers them. The second you step off the elevator onto the 29th floor white canvas, you’ve entered a world that makes it easy to see what your space can offer its employees…

The openness allows me to spot something that’s new and different,” Tower says, explaining further that the layout is even more valuable to the end user. The different settings allow them to visualize what’s possible from the different manufacturers Meadows works with, and the variety of natural light is also a huge benefit in allowing them to properly process product color.

The perfect example of that is the fabric sample corner, placed up against the window bank rather than in the middle of the floor. “If you’re comparing color in artificial light, you aren’t getting an accurate impression,” Tower explains.

The work lounge located just off the main lobby is a great spot to address one of the main problems Tower faces in space planning: “Nobody spends enough time thinking about how they’re going to have meetings,” from the degree of privacy necessary to type of seating and location. This space incorporates the different types of furniture, lighting, and technology capabilities that can get the designer and client’s creative juices flowing, helping them look forward toward their possible future needs. It also allows customers to visualize what works best for different generations in the workplace, proving that the idea of “comfort” is all in the eye of the beholder.

“So not only is it a showroom for me, it’s also a resource center where I can come to resolve issues,” he explains.

Creative uses of art can also be seen throughout as Meadows Office Interiors is a huge champion of budding artists like Jody Morlock, whose custom piece made up of a selection of her square canvases lives in the training room.

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