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Jan. 23, 2018

Fil Doux Textiles knows about sustainable initiatives, with 80 percent of its mills powered by wind energy and the  company’s continued dedication to recycling dye water. Overall, sustainable practices and reusing excess materials are part of Fil Doux’s culture. “We like to repurpose for a purpose,” said Robert Pullen, vice president of Fil Doux textiles. When Audrey Pincus, creative director for the company, noticed excess fabric around the office and mills, she spearheaded a mission to reuse the material.

What emerged was Fil Doux for the Arts, an initiative in which excess product is donated to nonprofits Time In and buildOn, which serve students in New York City public schools. Time In brings underserved children into the arts through mentorship programs taught by professionals in opera, literacy, and visual arts, in addition to theatre visits and gallery viewings. buildOn empowers high school students to transform their neighborhoods and the world through intensive community service and service learning programs.

Fil Doux has worked with these groups on various creative activities. One such volunteer event was donating its extra fabric to an opera workshop in which participating children made costumes in addition to mats, pillows, and blankets for the homeless community.

The passion for this project extends through the company. “Fil Doux Textiles has always been committed to keeping the planet healthy by reducing excess energy usage and waste,” explained Leo Novik, the company’s CEO. “Fil Doux for the Arts is the next step in completing the cycle for reuse of materials.”

how to get involved
When asked how people could get involved within their own communities, Pincus responded, “It can be as simple as donating your time, participating in funding campaigns, or getting involved in local boards. It takes a  village to make these programs  happen, and even giving time and input can make a difference. It’s all about planting the seed.” To learn more about Time In and buildOn specifically, visit timeinkids.org and buildon.org.

Pincus hopes Fil Doux for the Arts will help inspire others to support  their own communities’ charitable organizations. For help finding charities, resources like volunteermatch.org can assist in connecting people with local groups and specific initiatives.

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