Telehealth to the Metaverse: The Bold Future of Healthcare Design

For centuries, the hospital (or clinic) was the meeting place where patient and physician came together. Today, the expectation for where, how and when these two parties converge is shifting at a rapid pace due in large part to the accelerated adoption of telehealth and other digital technologies.

While COVID-19 may have necessitated the initial surge in virtual visits, technology promises to have a lasting and meaningful role in the transformation of healthcare moving forward.

This dynamic panel discussion will explore the initial considerations and far-reaching implications of telehealth’s emergence with a focus on the built environment. Leaders in healthcare design, real estate and technology will share important insight from their work within health and wellness as well as ideas and inspiration that can be drawn from other industries.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain understanding of current telehealth trends and anticipated future evolution of telehealth services.
  • Strengthen perspective of current impacts of telehealth in the planning and design of healthcare spaces.
  • Build knowledge of fundamental shifts in healthcare real estate and facility management strategy. 
  • Obtain a glimpse into the tech-enabled care being considered in healthcare and the imagined scenarios that could influence future healthcare design solutions.

This webinar is approved for 1 LU credit for continuing education with AIA and 1 Health, Safety, Welfare credit with IDCEC.

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Presented By:
Todd Accardi,
Norm Miles,
Kimberly Silver,
Lorie Damon,
Sol Rogers

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