i+s Editor Lauren Brant's Product Pick of the Week: CMO Paris' Gesso

April 24, 2024
Celebrate Earth Day year-round with CMO Paris' Gesso wallcovering.

CMO Paris' Gesso wallcovering is hand-sculpted to create crackle effects, stripes, fine ridges and a combed design that is enhanced by gold, silver, copper and bronze. The mineral sculptures present a unique range of design options that include Gesso, Gesso Fresque, Gesso Ondes, Gesso Peigne and Gesso Raye. Plants used for their fibers are cultivated with respect for their natural habitats, promoting biodiversity and ecosystem stability. CMO’s goal is to preserve traditional craftsmanship by protecting rare skills and plant fibers used in remote villages, preventing their loss to industrialization. Five Gesso styles are available in 22 colors.

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