Sources: Walls

Oct. 29, 2015

1. In Japan, the ginkgo has been venerated as a symbol of hope, and the fan-shaped leaf has become a popular motif in Japanese artwork. Using the repeating arc pattern, the Gingko Acoustic Panels by Stone Designs provides designers with a beautifully modern take on sound-dampening wall coverings. Available individually in a wide array of colors, they can be installed in endless patterns and designs.

2. Featuring a bold pattern with juxtaposing colors broken into bands, Askel Wall by DesignTex is a new take on striped wallpaper. Printed with LEED-certified recycled content materials, the pattern’s full drop and long repeat ensure randomness in the design.

3. Intertwining metallic elements into the hand-woven linen ground, Aurora by Innovations contains just a hint of luster behind a classic color palette, adding depth and a subtle modern edge to traditional wallpaper.

4. Custom designed and installed like a mural by Black Crow Studios, their watercolor wallpapers are something to behold, turning the space into a work of art. Because the paper doesn’t contain a repeat, every inch of the paper is unique. (Pictured: Tropical Storm)

Image courtesy of Momentum
Image courtesy of Versa
Versa Paros
Image courtesy of Momentum
Momentum Kaali Wallcovering
Image courtesy of Unika Vaev
Pinnacle Lobby 1
Image courtesy of Len-Tex
Len-Tex's Arboreal pattern