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Joanna Gaines Makes the Leap from Residential to Commercial

Oct. 19, 2018

The introduction of Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines Commercial Wallcoverings collection into high-traffic spaces continues the overall narration Gaines tells in her designs.

If there's one thing that the current emphasis on introducing residential-like products, patterns and colors into commercial environments has done, it's highlighting the importance of interiors on the individual's everyday experiences.

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Wallcoverings Inspired by Everyday Experiences

Joanna Gaines of wildly successful Magnolia Home understands this intuitively, having used her understanding of the way in which individuals may use a space to create a variety of interiors. Now she's brought that understanding into commercial interiors through her warm and inviting contract line, beginning with the Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines Commercial Wallcoverings collection.

Photography courtesy of Magnolia Home

"It's fun for me to imagine that these wallpaper patterns will be the backdrop to people's stories," Gaines explained, "whether it's for everyday or a special occasion. Perhaps for college students studying in a favorite local coffee shop or friends visiting a boutique hotel in a big city. It's exciting to play a small role in helping to set the scene for some of life's memorable moments."

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Magnolia Wallcoverings

When it comes to the Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines Commercial Wallcoverings collection, the introduction of the brand into high-traffic spaces was part of the overall narration Gaines tells in her designs.

"For me, I think the evolution [from residential to commercial design] is a natural one because no matter what kind of room I'm designing--whether it's a home or a commercial space--I want to be intentional about incorporating elements that tell a unique story. Wallcoverings have the ability to really make a space all that more personal, and that shouldn't be limited to residential spaces."

Residential to Commercial Design with Joanna Gaines

While the transition toward the commercial sector continues to be inspired by the beauty in Joanna Gaines' residential aesthetic, it didn't come without a few learning experiences along the way. "Commercial projects have to strike a nearly perfect balance between pretty and practical, with overall functionality driving our decisions. The flow of the rooms and the durability of the materials we use matter just as much as how the design elements come together."

In particular, this meant designing a line of wallcoverings that could put up with the daily wear and tear of commercial interiors. A portion of the collection is printed on Type II vinyl wallcoverings that hold up in high traffic areas, with a few patterns being hand-produced for more unique, luxurious uses where they are less likely to be bumped and scraped on a regular basis, like a hotel bedroom feature wall.

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