July 12, 2023
Decocer features beveled pieces as well as the usual ceramic sizes (10x10, 15x15 and 20x20 cm) and has a wide range of colors, graphics and finishes.

Decocer challenges the limits of geometry in ceramics with beveled tiles. A unique variant to the rectangles are the beveled pieces that have a very wide field in decoration, and Decocer is able to adapt different sizes with dozens of finishes. The square sizes are the most traditional and easy to install, and adapt to any room. It is a simple and symmetrical shape, which fits perfectly with both classic and contemporary styles. Decocer also features the typical ceramic sizes of 10x10, 15x15 and 20x20 cm and a wide range of colors, graphics and finishes. Look for combinations with pieces with different graphics or colors to achieve special visual games. Spaces can also feature rhombuses, trapezoids and many other shapes to create unique designs and combinations.