In-Vogue Veining of Crossvile’s Tile, Stone, and Countertop Collections

Oct. 29, 2019

Bold veining is a present trend in countertops, tile, and natural stone, as represented in many Crossville collections. Veining to any degree is a staple look for tile and stone products; it transcends trend status because it’s a foundational, nature-inspired appearance that’s perpetually popular. However, the current preference in the market for truly dramatic veining reflects here-and-now fashion that’s more audacious and daring.

Designers are drawn to the movement and intensity of veining at an epic scale, as it transforms sometimes mundane surfaces into feature-worthy focal points. Bold veins function like works of abstract art on the canvas of durable tile or stone. The looks are so grand that they can be ‘cast’ as the star within a space’s design, rather than just in a supporting role. Of course, we have nature to thank for the striking, ambitious style of bold veining, as the earth has yielded strongly striated materials for tens of thousands of years.

Today—thanks to the latest tile manufacturing technology and artful procurement, Crossville offers countertop, tile, and stone products that are in the vein of what enterprising, intrepid interior designers seek for their uniquely demanding projects.

Crossville’s beautiful boldly-veined selections can work solitarily or in combination to create inspired spaces that are fashion-forward yet timeless in style.