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Feb. 28, 2017

Meiping by Brentano



“[Designer] Iris Wang’s personal interests are truly represented in this collection ... it sings to me and makes my heart beat stronger to observe her ceramic inspirations developed into textiles. What she finds beautiful resonates with us as designers and selectors.”
—John Hopkins, principal at IA Interior Architects

1. The Transference Collection, designed by Suzanne Tick for LUUM textiles, explores the meeting point between the digital and material. Two upholsteries, one vertical and one pattern with added colors, use unexpected distortions and glitches as a design element.

2. The Indigenous Blooms Collection from Bolé Road Textiles is inspired by springtime in Ethiopia. A wide array of yarns captures the full breadth of vibrant flowers and grassy plains in this region. Design motifs are also inspired by patterns found in contemporary and traditional clothing that use colorful embroidery.

3. The Uncommon Threads collection from Carnegie uses unorthodox raw materials to make panel textiles that are distinctive in texture. The seven selections from the line are suitable for a variety of applications from upholstered walls to headboards. Code, pictured here, is made by weaving shifting lines across the textile surface.

4. HBF Textiles has collaborated with Elodie Blanchard to launch New Basics. This collection of upholstery fabrics celebrates timeless patterns like minimal geometrics and modernizes them through color and texture. Fabrics include a geometric floral pattern, a grid of dots, and
an isometric stitch using matelassé construction.

5. Marquee is a high-performance vinyl with a geometric theme from Arc-Com. Its colored circles are arranged in a linear layout that reads as a patterned texture once upholstered. Stocked in 11 colorways, Marquee provides warm and cool neutral choices, such as blue green, chocolate brown, and charcoal gray.

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