Courtesy of Mantra Inspired Furniture
Unity Table by Mantra Inspired Furniture

Mantra's Unity Table

Mantra's Unity Table Collection of solid wood supports durability and timeless elegance, available in various finishes. It's hanging out in booth 7-7046, THE MART.
Courtesy of Mizetto
Enfold Work table with modular attributes for storage and sound absorption.

i+s Editor Lauren Brant's Product Pick of the Week: Mizetto's Enfold Work Table

i+s editor Lauren Brant's Product Pick of the Week is Mizetto's Enfold Work Table—a versatile system designed to convert a dining or conference table into a contemporary workspace...
Courtesy of Hightower
The Posie table is available in three sizes. These nesting tables have a round, recessed top within a teardrop outline.

Hightower’s Posie Tables

These adorable, clean-lined table options come in coffee and side models.
Courtesy of Hightower
The Draper collect of nesting side and coffee tables come in various sizes and finishes.

Draper Tables

Hightower's Draper nesting side and coffee tables feature four sizes, including an adjustable option.
Courtesy of DK3
The Plush Table


The Plush table, available at Gestalt, features soft shapes alongside sturdy wood and an elegant tabletop to form an impressive unit.
Courtesy of Chris Coe
Willow Table


With a touch of the finger, the Willow table from the Lauren Rottet collection gracefully unfolds into an elegant tabletop and folds compactly into itself for storage when not...