Tapa Cement Tile

Jan. 17, 2023
Ideal for both indoor and outdoor uses, these floral-patterned cement tiles can be installed on both floors and walls in a variety of environments.

Influenced by Polynesian art and mid-century design, Tesselle’s new Tapa Cement Tile Collection by the renowned artist Shag, is comprised 15 tiles. Each tile can work independently, or in various combinations, to form a wide variety of bold and vibrant patterns. The assortment includes three designs (Flower, Fourleaf, Hourglass, Largeleaf and Petal) in 3 colorways (Blue, Flame and Green).

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor uses, Tapa Cement Tiles can be installed on both floors and walls. They are perfect for use in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and in commercial spaces such as restaurants, hotels and shops. Each tile is 8”x8” x 5/8” and is handcrafted using traditional techniques. Made with a combination of cement, natural pigments, and sand, they are durable and easy to maintain.

Josh Agle, also known as Shag, is an American artist and painter known for his retro-inspired, stylized depictions of the mid-century modern lifestyle. Shag's work is heavily influenced by the aesthetics of the 1950s and 60s, and features a bold, graphic style with a strong focus on color. He is best known for his paintings of cocktail-drinking, jazz-listening characters set in Palm Springs-inspired environments, with a touch of Tiki.

The Tapa Cement Tile Collection can be purchased online at tesselle.com/shag, and delivered nationwide. Samples are available at a nominal cost.