Nov. 7, 2022
Pierluigi Cerri's 1982 sofa is reimagined, demonstrating a synthesis between tradition and cutting-edge design.
After 40 years, Poltrona Frau reinterprets Ouverture, the sofa designed by Pierluigi Cerri in 1982, a "classic in its future form." The idea takes shape from an industrial-style structure, underlined by a "T-shaped" beam which sustains an innovative and elegant spring system covered by soft and rich cushions upholstered in either Pelle Frau® leather or in fabric.
Ouverture sofa's elements reveal a clear technological vocation; the supporting beam in pierced steel is constituted by single, weld-free elements which create the modular and linear design of the seating. The segments are kept in place by double "C" aluminum joints, which are visible from a lateral view of the sofa, becoming a characterizing element of its design.
The overall appearance of Ouverture is light and lean, while all metal parts are epoxy powder-coated in matt black colour. The "T-shaped" beam is distanced from the semi-oval steel structure which supports the seating system, creating a suspended, floating effect. The result is an elegant contrast between the powerful celebration of metal and the soft embracing feeling of the cushions, emphasized by the folds of the Pelle Frau® leather or fabric upholstering.
The new edition of Ouverture is a clear expression of the Leathers hip® concept created by Poltrona Frau, at that time still at embryonic stage: representing the capability of processing different materials other than leather, such as metals, with cutting-edge technologies pursuing an undisputed craftmanship expertise and quality.
Not much has changed from its original version of the 1980's. The cushions' padding has been ergonomically modified to confer a more embracing and less voluminous appearance. Their shape, apparently very simple, hides a fullness and richness of details such as the buttons decorating the back of the seating — a typical 80's style with a traditional reminiscence — or the slight tapering of the insert of the cushions between the seating and the backrest. This detail can be fully appreciated on the side of the sofa where the optimal overlay of the elements does not interfere with the padding of the cushions.
Two smaller cushions are fastened to the armrests with canvas straps. All cushions are enrichened by an elegant perimetral stitching and can all be completely removed. Even the most hidden details receive great care; the steel metal sheets of the seating are covered in leather and jacquard fabric, while the springs are made with an elastic suspension in nylon canvas. The padding, in real goose down and polyester cotton, comes 1 Cerca testo in documenti e nomi di file isert which guarantees dimensional stability to the structure and confers extreme comfort to the seating. The contemporary spirit of Ouverture is expressed not only by its modern lines and design, but also by its extreme versatility: from domestic environments to waiting rooms, to contract projects, Ouverture satisfies every style.