Aug. 29, 2022
Experience the impossible lightness and effortless support of Cynara, a chair that integrates intuitive, responsive functionality with a clean-cut, refined aesthetic.

Cynara is an all mesh multi-purpose chair from Okamura that is carefully designed to adapt to today's workplace environments. The chair's understated elegance blends harmoniously into all the places people work--from the office to co-working and home settings--breathing quiet sophistication and calm productivity into any environment.

By paring back to its essential function, Cynara achieves impossible lightness. The frame flexes to provide responsive ergonomic support, eliminating the need for a complex mechanism. The result is simple, functionl, light-scale beauty. Cynara's lighter weight also contributues to CO2 emissions through production and logistics, offering a more responsible choice for the planet.

Learn more about Cynara in this video from Okamura: