Collective Conscious Collection

Jan. 31, 2022

Collective Conscious by Suzanne Tick features four textiles that reflect our readjustment to a slower, more connected life--Crossgrain (shown), Grid State, Gaze and Scale Factor. Highlighting predominantly domestic innovation and craftsmanship, this collection focuses on enhanced user comfort and wellness. From upholstery to vertical to drapery, purposeful design meets the needs of the time.

From fiber to finish, Crossgrain’s dense, textural character was specially developed for multipurpose use on upholstery, acoustical panels, wrapped walls and screens. Using traditional weaving techniques and modern dye chemistry, Crossgrain’s recycled and custom-texturized fibers were spun to achieve an irregular, fine grained surface effect reminiscent of raw wood. Crossgrain provides a wash of saturated, variegated color in pastels, deep jewel tones and classic neutrals.