Framery 2Q

Sept. 23, 2020

Designed to accommodate four to six people, Framery 2Q provides users with a multifunctional workplace that offers a heightened sense of privacy and comfort. The pod serves as a space to brainstorm and collaborate, and its superior sound installation system ensures team huddles won’t disturb the rest of the office.

Framery 2Q is available in three furnishing configurations, allowing clients to cater the product to the needs of their space.

The pod can come equipped with a conference table that is offered in two height options and clients can also specify a pod without any furniture, giving them the option to furnish it however they wish.

A third interior furnishing option is a custom L-shaped sofa which creates a more casual environment. Further optional features include an attached display screen, two white boards and lightweight free-standing, floating tables to make for a more ergonomic work space.

-2020 Product Innovations Merit Award Winner-