Oct. 29, 2019

In this edition of the Curios box we are including a 3D resin model of the new Belle lounge chair designed exclusively for Nienkamper  by  award winning Danish design team Busk+Hertzog.  The brightly colored 3d model is the second in a series of maquettes  developed for the Interiors & Sources Curios Boxes. Designed to enhance the Curios experience the Belle miniature maquette  is destined to find its way on to the shelves of collectors and design enthusiasts alike.

About Belle: Belle chair is a statement piece with a unique profile that is bound to become a true design icon.  Its simple and organic shape is striking and uncomplicated with proportions that feel at ease in any interior design setting.  Resting on a contemporary swivel disc-base,  Belle strikes a balance between big style and a small footprint, making it perfect for places where floor space is at a premium.  Make a dynamic impression by way of contrasting fabrics on the seat interior or the exterior form to create an additional design element. Beautiful, sculptural and distinctive; BELLE chair makes a bold statement in any environment.

The comfortable and characteristic lounge chair was designed specifically with public spaces in mind all though it surely due to its versatility will find its way to private homes as well. The armrests are cleverly integrated with the curved seat-back which again is part of the pure unbroken lines of the chair - the profile of a bell upside down. The chair elegantly “balances” on a swivelling base adding additional comfort and functionality to the iconic design. Its non-directional design narrative makes it ideal as a freestanding lounge chair, as it is equally attractive and applicable from any angle. “Belle strictly follows our design philosophy working in the cross-field between public and private spaces” –B+H