Aug. 30, 2018

TorZo Surfaces offers unique and exceptionally durable architectural interior surfaces materials, sustainably sourced from recycled or salvage agricultural and wood products. Through a proprietary acrylic infusion process, a spectacular aesthetic is imparted to the organic fibers of each panel, highlighting the natural variation of the substrate and giving TorZo products a distinctively solid quality and long-wearing durability.

Samples in this Curios box represent just a few of TorZo’s unique color and striking design options. Additional materials from TorZo are also on display in the interiors + sources Materials Pavilion at NeoCon.

Use TorZo material in vertical or horizontal applications in high-traffic commercial environments such as airports, hotels, restaurants, banks, libraries, universities, schools, corporate offices, and multi-family housing.

Vertical uses include: wall paneling, wainscot, signage, cabinetry, bathroom stall dividers.

Horizontal uses include: restaurant tabletops, bar tops, transaction surfaces (banks, retail), furniture (desks, workstations, conference tables, communal tables), and reception desks.

Tiikeri – sorghum grass stalk
Orient – wood chips, oriented strand board (OSB)
Striata – SFI certified Pacific Northwest Douglas Fir
Balsa – rapidly renewable FSC certified Balsa 
Parda – Recycled wood fiber