Aug. 30, 2018

Morcare from Morbern introduces a trifecta of new healthcare products designed to perform with style. Abbey, Nomad and Cinema – two chic and vibrant patterns plus a solid that comes in a vast array of colors.

MorCare is designed to handle the highest demands for hospitals, contract and institutional use. With enhanced resistance to harsh chemicals used in those environments, MorCare will resist the repeated actions of normal dilutions of chlorine bleaches and quaternary ammonia salt based cleaners without serious discoloration. MorCare has incredible durability, maintaining its appearance even after heavy-duty use, thanks to its additional thick, flexible layers that resist chemicals and wear.

These products are fabricated with anti-fungal and anti-microbial biocides to help preserve the original attributes of the vinyl. All MorCare products are made with ortho-phthalate free formulas and feature anti-static slip finish, urine stain resistance, sulfide stain resistance and oil resistance.

So, why use Morcare? Because Morbern’s introduction of MorCare, some 15 million yards ago, revolutionized performance vinyl for healthcare applications. At the time, healthcare vinyls were limited in scope. Some products could handle the harsh cleaners used in the industry but were unattractive for interiors. Others looked great but didn’t have the capability to withstand the products used. The invention of Morcare meant aesthetics and performance were no longer mutually exclusive.