Perplex Bench

June 11, 2018

Comprised of metal components uniquely used in the automotive industry an ultra-high performance concrete, Fig40 is using a material so distinct and unique allowing them to explore and create remarkable objects such as the Perplex bench.

NeoCon Debut

Perplex bench’s form is clear and visually soft intended to contrast the nature of the industrial like concrete material. The gentle slope on the top surface adds a sculptural element as well as serves the function of preventing water from pooling if used in an outdoor setting. The lift at either end punctuates the form and serves to create a visual lightness.

Nienkämper Celebrates 50 Years

Made of cast aluminum with a powder-coated finish the legs are configured to support the bench in a natural way and are of an appropriate scale to balance the lightness of the design intent and the structural requirements for support. Although heavy, at ~400lbs, comparable 10’ long concrete benches can weigh up to 8 times as much. Perplex bench showcases new technology and creates a sculptural piece of furniture for use in commercial, hospitality and residential spaces.

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