Reverb Collection

June 8, 2018

A Dynamic New Collection from Arc-Com

The Arc-Com Design Studio wanted to offers up an answer to the question "if one could interpret music visually, what would it look like?" with its new Reverb Collection.

Comprised of four patterns: Staccato, Crescendo, Sonata Stripe, and Sync, this collection captures all the alluring excitement and enchanted energy found when one listens to a great piece of music. Sounds gets visually interpreted through brilliant juxtaposition of color and geometric form.

This four-pattern collection includes a stripe and a solid coordinate and was scaled and colored to be mixed and matched-offering up an easy ability to use these multiple designs to create a cohesive space. The color story for this collection is bright and contemporary. Included within the palettes are emerald greens, fiery oranges, brilliant fuchsias, as well as deep and saturated cobalt blues and teals. Charcoal greys and creamy neutrals are used to highlight the brighter accent colors.

The Reverb Collection is comprised of a combination of Sunbrella solution dyed acrylic and polyester. This entire collection is engineered to be used in contract settings both indoors and outdoors. All of these patterns are bleach cleanable at a 20% bleach: 80% water ratio.