Scenic Journey

July 15, 2011

Scenic Journey by Bigelow is a compilation of contemporary carpets manufactured with aged machinery. Manufactured on an analog tufting machine retooled to function in a more tech-savvy way, Scenic Journey is a story of efficiency. All three designs—Travel Time, Paved Freedom and Speed Limit—use the same thread up, making it possible to manufacture more with less time and resources. The result is a dynamic, low-price, high-style product line.

Scenic Journey products feature 12-inch wide repeats with a basic but beautiful stripe serving as the foundation for the collection’s three additional modular patterns, all available in ten classic colors with pops of contrasting, current accents. Scenic Journey products are manufactured with the Company’s Colorstrand® Solution Dyed Nylon, which is five times more resistant to fading than conventionally dyed nylons. Using less than 25 percent of the energy consumed in conventional dyeing, Colorstrand contains 25 percent pre-consumer recycled content, and also resists crushing, pilling and fuzzing.