Aug. 26, 2011

Fluent by Kimball Office provides a workspace solution that includes a private office presence and open plan functionality. It uses interchangeable parts to address rapidly changing footprints, teams, smaller workspaces and the preferences of a multi-generational workforce. The leg-based system comprises work surfaces, tables, storage and privacy screens, which can be combined and configured for a number of work modes: knowledge sharing, huddling, conferencing, collaboration, multi-tasking and individual focus. Work surfaces and table desks adjoin multi-use storage with finished backs, to encourage efficient space division.

Fluent provides balance with a mix of materials and finishes. The crisp details complement the modern compound-miter joint construction and beveled edges. The line uses EPA DfE and LEED® standards, is fully IAQ compliant and is sealed with Pura™, Kimball Office’s proprietary UV finish.