Jan. 25, 2017

Vidget by Viggi Kids

“[With the Vidget], I have noticed an improvement in attention span, participation, and regulation in my students. They are happy and engaging in classroom routines and activities. The Vidget’s bright colors make it fun and attractive to use, and the kids love the versatility of the seat.”
—Tara, Occupational Therapist, Bright Start Pediatrics

1. The Naked Enrico from POLaRT is a perfect representation of its unique furniture offerings. The eye-catching piece honors the classic concept of a porter’s chair used to guard the entrance of old well-to-do houses. Instead, the Naked Enrico is more at home guarding martinis.

2. StandUp Nomad by Jaswig is a wooden standing desk with nine height settings. The solution is inspired by Scandinavian designs and crafted from FSC-certified wood. It is available with an ergonomic footrest that supports weight distribution, and the mobile piece is easy to reposition
or move to new locations.

3. The Archimedes Collection by M. Shively blends luxury, functionality, and playfulness. The standard symmetrical lines of the table frame are twisted, pulled, and contorted into a vision that sparks wonder. The series is available in polished bronze or powder-coated steel, and comes in four styles: a coffee table, a large and small side table, and a pedestal table.

4. Blue Leafs Hospitality Cabinet is part of a collection custom designed for the Grand Luxury Ocean Front Rooms and Suites at the Le Sport in St. Lucia. The Hospitality Cabinet features shelving with a glass top and two side-by-side rectangular drawers above a larger storage space. The piece is made from solid oak wood and medium-density fiberboard with a lightly weathered oak veneer.